Published On: Wed, Oct 2nd, 2013

Spurs target Saints starlet

luke shawTottenham Hotspur are determined to land Southampton’s star left-back Luke Shaw in January.

The Haringey Independent is reporting that Spurs will continue their spending spree from the summer and go all out to bring the talented defender to White Hart Lane.

They will start the bidding at £15million in the hope that this will persuade the Saints to part with their prize asset.

On the radar

Shaw has been on Spurs radar for more than a year and was high on their shortlist in the summer, but due to lengthy negotiations with Real Madrid over the transfer of Gareth Bale, and Andre Vilas-Boas desire to have a player ready to go straight into the first team, Spurs decided to try and land Fabio Coentrao instead.

However that deal now looks unlikely to happen given the players wage demands, and Shaw has continued on his fine form from last season, which has impressed the Spurs hierarchy enough for them to highlight him as their top January transfer target.

As earlier mentioned Spurs are looking at tabling a £15million offer whilst then loaning Shaw back to the south coast club for the remainder of the season.

Future star

Shaw is widely regarded as one of; if not the future star of English football, with a series of outstanding performances at left back after graduating from the club’s youth academy.

He made his debut as a sixteen year old in the F.A cup against Millwall in the 2010/2011 season, and has not looked back since then, going on make 33 first team appearances in all competitions.

Southampton have made an extremely impressive start to the season, and find themselves in fifth place in the table after six games, with 11 points, and will be looking to continue their fine run when they take on Swansea City at St. Mary’s on Sunday.

About the Author

- I love all sports (as long as they are not American), main passion is Football though, sadly not good enough to play it at a Bale'esque level so have to make do with writing about it instead! Also enjoy History, Social Media, Music Festivals, good Films and attempting to play Golf.

  • Les Gray

    OK Mr Blogger where did you get a figure if £15 million from? I’ve heard reports – again from the Newsnow site of Saints putting a £25 million price tag on Shaw. – It may have escaped your notice that Shaw signed a 5 year contract in July and they don’t need the money. Granted every player has his price – Bale for example, but why don’t you find something new to report on – like you golfing progress. I’m sure it will have as much relevance to football as the recycled gossip you choose to write about – or is that you are Spurs supporter with a wish list

    • Rich Websell

      I think you’ll find that the figure of £15 million is quoted from the Haringey Independent newspaper as mentioned in the article, it also says that this would be a starting bid if you bothered to read it properly, your right every player has his price a la Bale, and if Spurs table a large bid then it would be difficult for Southampton to turn it down, 5 year contracts mean almost nothing nowadays, as someone who knows anything about modern football would realize, so why don’t you find something new to comment on, like Strictly Come Dancing, im sure that will have about as much relevance as your knowledge or of football.

      • jenny lallana

        This is nothing but rehashed nonsense from last season. If you don’t mind me saying Mr Websell you should find some time to check your scources if you want some creditability.
        You have made a brash statement about Tottenham being a bigger club, that’s debatable.
        That a player who has established himself in a top 6 PL club, that has ambition, would natural want to join a club like Spurs, absolutely not true!
        The evidence is against that, if you knew anything about football, you would know his favourite team (Chelsea) came calling for him in June. with the result that he signed a 5 year contract with Southampton.
        So why would he chose not to join them, and then join Spurs?
        Come on think about it.!!!
        I’d restrict myself to comments on Strictly, if I were you, because football or logic doesn’t seem to be your field.
        You are, as someone else commented just a Spurs fan with a over inflated opinion on how important they are.
        Save your wishlists for Santa in future.

        • Paul W

          If I were you I’d spend some time checking on your grammar and spelling. Also this isn’t the Daily Mail or the Telegraph, its just a free website which tells you what the newspapers are saying and gives their opinion on it! Maybe don’t take everything so seriously and personally because he suggested Luke Shaw would want to join Tottenham from Southampton. People are entitled to their opinion, if you want yours heard write a blog.

          • jenny lallana

            I do, but mine is based on truth, and not some rumour seen in the local rag. The only good thing about this blog is that people reading it will have a good laugh at your expense.
            Pretending you know anything about football is as believable as Homer Simpson being a nuclear physicist.

          • Paul W

            Coming from the person who called Southampton an ESTABLISHED top 6 club…. because their 6th after 6 games….. Clearly you know what you’re talking about it. I bet your sources are rigorously researched for your free blog.

        • Tim S

          Tottenham being a bigger club than Southampton is debatable? You are massively deluded it you actually believe this! I like Southampton and think they are a decent side, but the 1976 FA Cup win does not come close to matching the history of Spurs.
          And Southampton are an established top 6 side are they? After 6 games? You might be getting a little carried away with a decent start to the season!
          And he could possibly choose Spurs over Chelsea for the same reasons that Bale chose them over Man United. He is likely to go straight into the team at Tottenham, and be guaranteed playing time, which he would not get at Chelsea.
          You are just a Southampton fan with a over inflated opinion on how important they are.

          • Bob Bobbington

            Er…no. No one ever said Saints were an established top 6 side. She said Shaw has established himself as a player in a top 6 side, which at present is completely true. Perhaps you two could learn to read someone’s comment before replying in truly embarrassing fashion?
            On the other hand though, it is in no way debatable that Saints are a bigger club than Spurs. We are not a small club as some would like to believe, but we are not as big as Tottenham.
            It may well be true that a £15 mil bid will be coming in January, but firstly, a hugely important factor is that Cortese will take a bid that small as an insult. £12m for the Ox in L1, untested above that level, to a notoriously stingy manager! Secondly, Shaw is far better than Alex, and lastly a contract may not be worth much but the fact that he’s one of the only modern professionals to come out and say he’s commited his long term future to a club is worth more than anything else in the football world. These are without a doubt the most relevant bits of information on the likelihood of a transfer involving Shaw, all of which you have completely ignored, and you wonder why people argue with your misguided comments?
            Anyway, you’re better off trying to get Ben Davies from Swansea.

  • Les Gray

    I just commented on your comment because it doesn’t actually say anything new. I’d be impressed if you had tracked down the source in the Haringey paper and verified it. as for come dancing – I’ve been a Saints supporter for 40 years , my second cousin played for England at under 21 level and for Southampton way before you were born and so I think , I’m entitled to say as much as you don’t about football . It just annoys me that people find time to write about nothing in particular and everything in general.

    • Rich Websell

      I’m not a full time Football journalist unfortunately, I have a full time job, so don’t really have the time to track down original sources from the Haringey Independent newspaper, I thought it was an interesting story that could have legs, as Spurs need a left-back and Shaw would be the perfect choice not just for the future but also now, as I mentioned Southampton have had a good start to the season, but when a bigger club like Spurs come knocking with a massive bid, it would be difficult for the player and club to turn down, especially if they are challenging for the title this season, which is a realistic possibility. Football is about opinion, which as a saints supporter of 40 years you will understand, just coz I am younger than you doesn’t mean I have less right to talk about football then you or anyone else, plenty of people have family who have played football at a reasonably high level, myself included, but this fact does not make someone more entitled to comment on the game then someone else. If reading these stories annoys you then don’t bother reading them.

      • Bob Bobbington

        As a ‘writer’ you should really know the diference between then and than

        • Rich Websell

          Cheers Bob Bobbington, you truly are an inspirational human being, I just hope others also benefit from your grammatical policing. Really appreciate the time and effort you’ve obviously spent in finding that slight error. Didn’t realize Southampton fan’s were so tetchy.

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