Published On: Tue, May 7th, 2013

Arsenal star: Spurs not good enough

Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has insisted that his side’s rivals Tottenham Hotspur don’t have what it takes to claim a place in the coveted top four of the English Premier League.

Arsene Wenger’s Gunners are deep in a neck-and-neck finish to the season alongside Chelsea and Spurs with tensions growing as to which clubs will steal the last two remaining Champions League qualifying places up for grabs.


And with Szczesny turning his attention to the critical clash between Andre Villas-Boas’ and Rafa Benitez’s sides at Stamford Bridge this wednesday, the shot-stopper has started his own psychological game by declaring that the whites have little chance of success.

“I was convinced that Tottenham had drawn 0-0 against Southampton, I only found out after the game that they had won 1-0, but I don’t think it matters really,” said Szczesny, as reported by Metro News.

“If we win our next two games it will be enough because either Chelsea or Spurs will drop points because they play each other.

“If you look at Chelsea’s fixtures, they have Tottenham and Everton left and they won’t be easy games.

No quality

“And Tottenham do not have enough quality, so there you go.”

While some might say Arsenal have an easier run in their campaign’s conclusion, others would argue they will be tougher challenges.

The reds still have to face relegation candidates Wigan Athletic and Newcastle United – two sides fighting for their Premier League lives.


But Szczesny, who last season caused uproar after he said he “hated” London neighbours Spurs, admits his side won’t be taking anything for granted and that six points are all they are focussed on from those fixtures.

“I would settle for another two 1-0 wins in the rest of the season and a place in the top three,” the goalkeeper continued.

“Even if we have games like the QPR one, it might have been boring at times, but we couldn’t care less at this time.

“We just got the three points.

“Hopefully it will be back to the old days and hopefully we will get back to winning trophies as well.”

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  • Satchit Ananda

    This guy is definitely of the brightest caliber. We could take the 2 teams position by position, and when starting with the goalies, already there Spurs has got more quality than Arsenal. Adding Bale and Verthongen, also leaves Arsenal behind in those 2 positions which they occupy. I think Spurs can stand up against Arsenal on most of the other positions as well, so the polish dumbass has taken his mouth too full again…..

    • Verbal Koboko

      Between you and Him, you took your mouth too full!

  • Alicat

    Team talk for Spurs done for the next three games then. We’ll just take each game at a time. If we fall short fair play, but we’ll see what arsenal do next year? 15 years of champions league football and they are no nearer to winning it and are getting further away from winning the league, he should be talking about their lack of quality not ours. We’re not the team with 15 years of Champions league money or 90+ million from gate receipts from a 60,000 capacity stadium each year. They are able to spend almost 50 million more in wages each year than us, yet here we with our so called ‘one man team’ within touching distance of them each year now. Not sure if they have more quality than us. But if they had a choice i wonder which of their players they would keep over the chance to sign Bale…i’d guess at none. I wonder if Szczesny thinks he’s better than Lloris? The one thing they have had over the years that is real quality is Wenger, but maybe we have finally found in AVB someone that will make the difference for us over the years to come, regardless of a top four finish this year. Our quality has been building in the past 5-6 years, not sure if the same can be said for arsenal in the same period and we’re doing it without consecutive top four finishes.

    • Verbal Koboko

      Shut it! Stop living in denial, Arsenal is above spuds for ever! Your senseless analysis above makes you sound petty and sorrowful. Arsenal and Spuds shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath. THFC is light years behind Arsenal FC in every aspect there is. truth is bitter… with it.

      • Alicat

        Funny that you should use the word ‘denial’. “Arsenal is above spuds for ever!”, this sounds fairly petty. I do agree with the “truth is bitter” which sums up your comment. Is the name Verbal Koboko a reference to your use of grammar?

  • Ray Sammut


  • Verbal Koboko

    THFC, Toto-ham Hotspud Foolish Crap!

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