Published On: Thu, Mar 7th, 2013

Liverpool line up Suarez replacement

Liverpool have singled out Inter Milan’s Antonio Cassano as an adequate replacement for striker Luis Suarez if he were to leave the Reds this summer, according to the Express.

The Merseyside based club have accepted that they will face lucrative bids for the prolific Suarez this summer, including from Bayern Munich, who will have £239m to spend at will.

They have set their sights on the Uruguayan who has arguably carried Liverpool through the majority of games this season.


Although Liverpool manager Rodgers would be saddened to see their top-goal scorer leave the club, he feels that Cassano could fill the gap left and live up to expectations.

The chances of the Reds signing Cassano have been lifted after the player was put up for sale after a disagreement with manager Andrea Stramaccioni, as reported by the Express.

The Express also claimed that Cassano would cost less than the £40m price tag attached to Suarez.

Cassano, who has struck seven times so far this campaign, has turned down the chance to return to Italian club Sampdoria. Liverpool are, however, believed to be facing rivalry from Serie A sides Genoa and Napoli for Cassano’s services next season.

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  • johntoher

    Rubbish, Suarez is staying at Liverpool!

  • dean jones

    Cassano is a trouble maker,and isn’t a goalscorer…Not worth £10 million,another Borini ;-( if you buy cassano & Suarez leaves ? Pack your bags Rodgers you tw*t…


    What a load of utter garbage, Luis has already said many times that he’s very happy at Liverpool the Club have said he isn’t leaving and Rodgers has said he isn’t leaving. The only reason these thick journalists are carrying on saying this is because they want to see Luis leave as most of them don’t like him.

  • Packianath Jebaraj

    What Rubbish! If Liverpool didn’t buy Clint last summer for being old at 29, what makes you think they will buy Antonio Cassano who is 30. If Liverpool do not make it to CL this season, then Suarez will give stay at the least for one more season to try and get it. I think the team has done well since the new year esp. With January signings. Hopefully they will bring players like Arda Turan to strengthen on the right and 3 more defenders.

  • Ian Rouillon

    cassano is way is he worth anythink near the money they want for him…plus he is nowere as good a suarez…if liverpool sell him..hell will break out at the owners…if they cannot afford lfc, they should sell to someone who can……if he wants to go thats diffrent…but we would want a better player than cassano…

  • Jonh Dow

    ADAM go WASH your mouth!!!.

  • Kenny Y

    The owners will be making a big blunder by signing a 30 year old Italian striker who is past his prime. Should make 2-3 key summer signings, convince Luis Suarez to stay another season to try get us into CL.

  • A_Krishnan

    rubbish…even if Suarez leaves…Cassano will nvr be the replacement…

  • Karim Govani

    Cassano?? He doesnt fit the FSG mould – Young, hungry and has a potential sell on value. I think if Suarez does leave us in the summer then he will add creativity to the middle of the park to help Sturridge.

  • oms

    Cassano who has 7 goals in the Serie A is being lined up to “replace” Suarez who has 21 in the PL? Ok.

  • ps gill

    boring subject why are the reporters all out to get rid of Suarez from Liverpool when he has said so many many times he loves Liverpool and will stay. Why cant they write something positive about Liverpool and him. Very bad reporting.Fed up of sayying such reports.

  • David Jackson

    He is joining spurs this summer! He wants to link up with bale and play in the champions league. Gosh, I am looking forward to that! Oh, I just woke up – it was a dream but why not make it true!

  • Chembe

    Rubbish!!!Strikers certainly not Italy,i thought Rogers learnt his lesson when he bought that flop Borini!!

  • Russell Hughes

    I think the key thing to the article is if he ‘were’ to leave. That doesn’t mean that Suarez will leave, nor does it mean that Cassano will come to Liverpool. Despite his importance to the club, I think it would be unlikely that FSG would reject a large bid for him.

  • para realist

    what people say and what they end up doing is usually completely different. A good manager will prepare for either eventuality, else the team suffers.

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