Published On: Wed, Sep 4th, 2013

Hodgson admires Sturridge’s sacrifice

SturridgeEngland manager Roy Hodgson has announced that he sees Daniel Sturridge as an example more English players should follow in seeking more game time.

Sturridge left high-flyers Chelsea last year in order to play more often for Liverpool, a move which has rejuvenated his career, seeing him score three goals in as many games this season.

Hodgson hopes that the striker will be fit for international duty this week and encourages more players to follow his lead in improving their career by aiming to play matches on a regular basis.


The England boss partially blames clubs for not allowing players to reach their full potential with opposing teams.

He told Sky Sports: “I think he might be an example to a lot of players because he was so good for Chelsea in particular, and even for Man City for a while, but they accepted a big financial offer for him. But they were reluctant to let him go as well.

“A lot of our players are in that position at the moment.

`”They’re too good for the clubs to say, ‘We’ll sell you or we’ll loan you out’. But they face such stiff competition in these top teams that they don’t get that many games.

“It takes a club to say, ‘Look, I’m convinced that this guy is a 90-minute starter every week and I will play the price required to get him’, as Liverpool did, and then give him the chance.”


However, Hodgson believes that there are clubs out there willing to let their players leave in order to help them grow as a player:

“But I think with the U21 game the other week and the matches I see, there are a few players out there who could surprise you if they moved from good reserve positions at top clubs to other good clubs in the Premier League.

“I’ll give you Jonjo Shelvey as an example. He was outstanding for the U21s, he has had some excellent games already for Swansea and yet at Liverpool, with Steven Gerrard, Lucas and people in front of him, he wasn’t getting a regular game. It does happen.”

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