Published On: Wed, Mar 6th, 2013

Cole regrets transfer decision

West Ham United midfielder Joe Cole has admitted to Sky Sports that he regrets his decision to move to Liverpool in 2010.

The 31 year old made the switch after he was released by Chelsea, following a series on injuries that caused him to lose his place in the team.

He has now returned to the club where he began his career and is hoping to rediscover the form that saw him develop into one of the country’s most exciting players.

No connection

Cole told Sky Sports that he struggled to settle at Liverpool, and that he ignored the chance to stay in London when Tottenham Hotspurs approached him, because of the rivalry between the clubs.

“I didn’t feel a connection with the club [Liverpool] or the place that I had at Chelsea and West Ham.

“I had seven great years at Chelsea but the club wanted to go in a certain direction and I wasn’t involved. So I was left with two real options – Liverpool or Spurs.

“Spurs was probably the best option because they were offering me a five-year deal and it meant I could stay in familiar surroundings.

“But I just couldn’t do it, I just couldn’t see myself pulling that Spurs shirt over my head. With the rivalry between Spurs and West Ham and Chelsea, it felt a bit mercenary.”


Cole added that as well as feeling homesick, a family tragedy also helped to compound his struggles.

“I was missing London and my family and I had a personal tragedy in December when my brother-in-law died.

“I got an opportunity to go back to West Ham and I don’t want to move any more.”

Despite having seen his international career fall apart, and his stock in the game fall considerably, Cole will feel that he will now be able to focus on his football with less pressure and expectations, and help his club secure their survival in the Premier League.

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  • disqus_5s7URcBpb1

    Serious? You found it hard to settle in Liverpool and France was no problem. Come on!!! Chelsea left you go for a reason and so did Liverpool. Is west ham Chelseas rival too. Going the long way around makes it easier?

  • rubyrm

    Sad to say Cole was a big mistake, just like Woy. He milked us and walked away milking us away with a nice pay cheque.. The audacity of him.
    Say, what has he done to shout about since he moved???? zilch

  • ken08

    No passion no football no problem, please return the 3.6 million severence pay
    and we`ll forget we signed you (our mistake) YNWA

  • Alphadog84

    I think comments like that say it all. If you want FSG just to spend like crazy you only have to look at JC and see why they are taking the slow approach. Cole was rubbish and for the life of can not understand how he did not settle up the road from London, we have Brazilian players that dont speak the language doing ok. Sorry to hear about his brother in law but lets be honest that should not detract from doing your job.

    He should return the money. I did not see him say Ok this is not working let me cancel my contract you’ve paid me enough to last at least a life time. Or better yet give it to charity. Over paid and over rated.

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