Published On: Sat, Feb 16th, 2013

Is there any hope left for Arsenal? – Wenger bitter after Gunners crash out

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has expressed his bitter disappointment after witnessing his lack-luster side crash out of the FA Cup fifth-round in a surprise 1-0 defeat to Blackburn Rovers.

The French manager has received criticism from agitated Gunners’ supporters as of late for his team’s lack of silverware in eight long years – and it looks set to continue for a ninth.


The Reds’ only hope of salvaging their season, rests on the outcome of the Champions League competition but German giants Bayern Munich, who come to the Emirates on Tuesday night, currently stand in their way.

Wenger insists that despite their shocking home loss today which saw Colin Kazim-Richards score the only goal of the game, his team are wholly focussed on regaining some pride in their next fixture.

“It is very painful and disappointing to lose a game like that,” Wenger said, according to SkySports.

“It is now important to focus on the next game.

“We were not good enough to win today – it’s as simple as that.

“Not one defeat is acceptable.

“You are in this job to win every single game.”

Not over

Wenger stressed the point that the London club’s season is by no means dead and buried.

He continued: “The season is not over. For you maybe, not for me.

“If we feel sorry for ourselves we would be completely wrong.

“We have a massive game on Tuesday night and we have to show some response in the team.

“I couldn’t see how we could lose the game because we had a lot of the ball and they had one shot on goal but they defended well and it’s the kind of game you can lose if you make a mistake at the back like we did.”

The 63-year-old controversially left man-of-the-moment Jack Wilshere and fellow attacking midfielders Theo Walcott and Santi Carzorla on the bench – a decision he is sure to rue.

And when asked how he felt about the chorus of boos hailing from the near 60,000 strong crowd, Wenger said: “What do you expect, people to applaud when you lose a game like that?

“It’s absolutely normal.”

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  • Russell Hughes

    Wenger made an error there – Arsenal fans really needed a decent run at a trophy to lift their spirits and Arsene missed his chance to buy himself some time.

  • Bill Stoneham

    Piers Morgan said Santos is the worst player to ever wear an Arsenakl shirt. Has he ever seen Gervinho play? The guy was an absolute disgrace today.

  • Oguntuase Amos

    It is easy to criticize from the stand. Oldham sent Liverpool packing and there was no Armaggedon. Is it because Wenger is French man? I agreed that he could have made some mistakes but it is an insult to be talking about Moyes taking over. Of all the Managers presently in the EPL only Ferguson had a better track record than Wenger and I doubt if Ferguson could have achieved much if he had operated under same condition as Wenger. It does no one any good to analyse situations out of context. No need to crucify the manager, after all there are billionaire clubs who could not repeat last year’s feat and one of them could not even qualify for the Europa league. I am sure the coach is learning his lesson in a bitter way and that is enough. No need to rub salt into injury.

  • trugun

    To even think of criticising Wenger for leaving out Wilshire, Walcot and Cazorla, is madness; Eleven international/premiership players took to the field for Arsenal and they should have won that game with ease. Wenger has been guilty of many mistakes over the last few years but this result is purely the fault of players who quite clearly have no pride, passion or interest in playing for the club.

  • para realist

    No one seems to understand what is happening at AFC. I dont think any other club would let that situation which has been going on since 4 seasons ago, where we were playing football and was a team, now degraded to a second string team that plays good one week, and utterly rubbish the next.
    What is the cause of this? I cant understand it in any way.
    How can a manager not push his team, especially from the bench, and after 20 mins of the blackburn game, anyone could see that players were playing selfishly, each trying to get the goal, where there were many opportunities to pass to a team mate.
    They were also not good enough in their way of playing, and i blame the manager/coach entirely for that. We play in the same old ineffective way, that fails against most teams, not every team will play football the way we do against us, for they know they will lose. But we have no alternative strategy, and i blame the manager/coach for that too.
    Ah, i am disgusted, and this has culminated from 4 seasons ago to today.
    So, they will probably put in a great performance against Bayern, lose, and we will hear AW going on about what spirit, strength and determination the team has, bla, bla, bla.
    What i would like to see is us winning both legs and going through in CL, to a final against Manu, and beat them 4-2 to win it.

    But i think every Arsenal fan would love that too.

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